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Howdens Extractor Fans

Domestic Cooking Smell and Vapour Extraction

Extractor fans work to extract water vapour, steam, water vapour and smoke (for an unlucky few) from around the cooker and kitchen area. Extractors are ideal for open plan houses, where natural ventilation is poor, where kitchens are small or the heat/vapour produced is high and for winter.

Symbols indicate

  • Maximum rate of air extraction metres/hr
  • Microswitch for control by visor or door opening
  • Build in light
  • The number of fans
  • Noise levels at the maximum extraction rate
  • Ducting diameter size to use

Howdens provide three styles of extractors:
chimney - which descend from the ceiling,
integrated - which are built into the oven area and units, and
integrated canopy - which overhang the oven or hob.

Chimney extractors

  • Stainless steel and glass chimney extractor (600mm, 900mm)
  • Stainless steel chimney extractor (600mm, 900mm)

Integrated extractors

  • Integrated extractor (silver grey)
  • Integrated turbo extractor (silver)
  • Integrated canopy extractor (silver grey)

Conventional extractors

  • Hygena 600mm conventional extractor
  • Deluxe conventional extractor (stainless steel, white)

Rates of extraction vary between models, from 230 to 520 cubic metres.

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