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Howdens have an extensive range of handles. Choosing the right handle for internal and external doors, kitchen unit doors, bedroom and kitchen drawers will transform the look of kitchen and bedroom units.

Modern and Contemporary

Steel, nickel and chrome for ultra modern styles and clean lines.

Antique and Rustic

Cracked and brass and pewter for softer traditional styles.

Rural and Homely

Pine, oak, beech and cherry door and unit knobs for warm and rounded styles.

The Howdens range of handles and knobs as in their 2006 brochure available form all 330 depots that are open to the trade.


  • Stainless Steel Chunky D Handle
  • Metal T Bar Door Handle
    • 30mm x 537mm
    • 30mm x 374mm
    • 30mm x 230mm
    • 30mm x 188mm
  • Nickel Effect Bar Handle
    • 790mm
    • 610mm
    • 503mm
    • 447mm
    • 403mm
    • 237mm
    • 188mm
  • Stainless Steel Drawer Handle
  • Stainless Steel D Handle
  • Brushed Steel D Handle
  • Stainless Steel Angled Handle
  • Sturdy Nickel Effect D Handle
  • Curved Steel D Handle
  • Nickel Effect D Handle
  • Nickel Effect 160mm Centre D Handle
  • Matt Silver Effect 96mm D Handle
  • Pewter Effect Twist Bar Handle
  • Antique Nickel Effect Pull Handle
  • Antique Brass Effect Pull Handle
  • Brass Effect D Handle
  • Brass Effect Door Knob and Plate (Round)
  • Brass Effect Door Knob and Plate (Ring)
  • Antique Brass Effect Door Handle
  • Antique Brass Effect T Handle
  • Beehive Handle
  • Beehive Door T Handle
  • Twist Cage Drawer Handle
  • Twist Cage Knob
  • Antique Brass Effect Knob and Plate
  • Antique Brass Effect Drawer Handle


  • Antique Pewter Effect Knob
  • Chrome Effect Knob
  • Chrome Plated 38mm Knob
  • Stainless Steel 30mm Knob
  • Nickel Effect Knob
  • Georgian Brass 38mm Knob
  • Victorian Brass 38mm Knob
  • Pine Knob
  • Oak Knob
  • Light Oak Knob
  • Beech Knob
  • Cherry Knob
  • Cream Cracked Knob
  • White Cracked Knob
  • White Knob

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