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Howdens really do it all, right down to the kitchens sink.

The range of sink designs is incredible, from sleek and modern stainless steel double and round to nostalgic ceramic Belfast sinks and contemporary composites. Choose for form and function.

Kitchen Taps

Certified and to British Standards the range includes single lever, monoblock, deck mixer and pillar (traditional) taps

Single Lever Taps

Examples (not Howdens, click picture to enlarge.)
Single Lever Taps 01 Single Lever Taps 02 Single Lever Taps 03

Taps with one lever to control flow and balance of hot and cold water and a single water spout. These are only recommended for high pressure water systems.

  • Lecco Chrome Lever Action Monoblock Tap (modern and contemporary design)
  • Chrome Atomix Lever Action Monoblock Tap
  • Sorrento Lever Action Monoblock Tap (chrome and white)

Monoblock Taps

Examples (not Howdens, click picture to enlarge.)
Monoblock Taps 01 Monoblock Taps 02 Monoblock Taps 03 Monoblock Taps 02 Monoblock Taps 05

Monoblock taps have a single (mono) body junction from the worktop, two handles or levers (hot and cold) that spur from the body and a single spout.

  • Franke Olympus Swan Neck Tap (Chrome with modern levers)
  • Victorian Swan Neck Tap (Chrome with modern levers)
  • Antique Style Monoblock Tap (Brass with old fashioned handles)
  • Pegler Monoblock Tap (Chrome)
  • Viking Handles Monoblock Tap (Chrome)
  • Granite Style Tap (light grey/white with modern levers)
  • Hi-Tech Monoblock Tap (Chrome with modern levers)
  • Monoblock Tap (Chrome)
  • Luxury Monoblock Tap (Chrome)

Deck Mixer Taps

Examples (not Howdens, click picture to enlarge.)
Deck Mixer Taps 01 Deck Mixer Taps 02 Deck Mixer Taps 03 Deck Mixer Taps 04 Taps: Deck Mixers

Deck mixers are broader that monoblocks. Each handle or lever rises from the worktop but is joined to the body and single spout where hot and cold mix.

  • Lever Deck Mixer Tap (Chrome)
  • Deck Mixer Tap (Chrome)

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are the traditional hot and cold taps with individual bodies and levers or handles.

  • Pegler Lever Pillar Taps (Chrome)
  • Pegler Cross-Head Pillar Taps (Chrome)
  • Lever Pillar Taps (Chrome)
  • Pillar Taps (Chrome)
  • Cross-Head Pillar Taps (Chrome)

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