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Moben Kitchen Taps

Tap Styles

  • Monoblock
    Monoblock taps have a single (mono) body junction from the worktop, two handles or levers (hot and cold) that spur from the body and a single spout.
  • Deck mixers
    Deck mixers are broader that monoblocks. Each handle or lever rises from the worktop but is joined to the body and single spout where hot and cold mix.
  • Single Lever
    Taps with one lever to control flow and balance of hot and cold water and a single water spout.
  • Pillar
    Traditional style of basic hot and cold water taps.
  • Water Filters
    Filter system to ensure high water purification levels.
  • Soap Dispenser:
    Chrome sink mounted liquid soap dispenser.

  Monoblock Taps

  • Marina:
    Monoblock chrome swan neck tap with round, white ceramic levers.
  • French Classic:
    Cross head, antique brass effect, mono block tap.
  • Aquapro:
    A versatile mono block chrome tap with small subtle levers. The spout has a pull out head and extandable hose, ideal for rinsing dishes and other cleaning tasks at the sink.
  • Aquamix:
    Diamond shaped chrome body with a spout that extends obliquely with an (extendible spray hose).
  • Andromeda:
    Traditional and contemporary mix of cross headed handles, chrome monoblock assembly and a swan neck spout.
  • Compra:
    A monoblock chrome taps with 2 hexagonal taps that spur from the body and a single swan neck spout.
  • Genoa:
    Tapered levers, cross shaped body in chrome and off-right angle spout.
  • Quartel:
    A larger version of the Genoa tap.
  • Odyssey:
    This is a very stylish and attractive design with a swan neck and "V" shaped body accentuated by oblique angled round levers.
  • Aquadisc 2:
    Monoblock mixer tap in granite grey.
  • Rangestyle:
    Brass effect/black swanneck with bobbled levers for hot/cold control.

  Deck Mixer Taps

  • Deck Mixer:
    A broadly based hot and cold mixer tap with rounded chrome handles, body and spout.
  • Roma Tap:
    Separate hot and cold inlets with a single mixer and flow control lever, swan neck. Polished finish.
  • Roma Tap:
    Separate cold and hot inlet with a single mixer and stylish flow control, swan neck. Brushed finish.
  • Belfast Mixer:
    A sturdy and traditional design, front facing ceramic handles, swan necked spout.

  Single Lever

  • Cirrus:
    A familiar style of tap, monoblock single lever in chrome with red/blue temperatire indicator under the handle.
  • Abyss:
    As the name conjours up, vertical and horizontal angles in this "F" styled single lever tap. Chrome with single bar lever.
  • Toru:
    Resonating a Japanese minimalist theme, a single upstanding lever control looks stylish, but watch you dont put your eye out with it.
  • Proteus:
    A versatile single lever chrome tap with an extendible mini showerhead spout that pulls out a hose, ideal for rinsing dishes and other cleaning tasks at the sink.
  • Aquafont:
    Semi circular in design with a bulbous head and single lever.

  Pillar Tap

  • Pillar Tap:
    Traditional set of hot and cold taps.

  Water Filters

  • Water filter:
    Designed to purify tap water and improve the taste, smell and appearance of drinking water.

  Soap Dispenser

  • Soap Dispenser:
    Chrome sink mounted liquid soap dispenser.

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